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We are a team of licensed therapists, mental health counselors and interning clinicians based in Garden City, NY providing therapy to adults. Our practice is informed by over 15 years of experience and we specialize in Anxiety, Mood DisordersStress and Adjustment to Life ChangesGriefPTSD, Relational Issues and the development of coping skills. Our rate per session is $80. We also accept most BCBS, Cigna, UHC, Oxford, UMR, Healthfirst and Fidelis insurances and work out of network with NYSHIP. Sessions are confidential within the limits of HIPAA and we will inform you of our practice policies so that you feel as comfortable as possible starting out.

We are here to work with you within a confidential and supportive therapeutic relationship. Together we can examine issues, understand your perspectives, identify patterns and themes in your life, and learn the way you cope and interact in order to help you move towards desired outcomes. Change can be worked on in a way that fits with your sense of identity and personality traits, which can help in making those changes last.

Our philosophy follows a relational style with a psychodynamic orientation and also incorporates cognitive behavioral elements. In other words, we place tremendous importance on the therapeutic relationship and trust, how one relates to themselves and others, and the development of insight and deeper understanding. This also means we will brainstorm, look at patterns with you and give direct advice where needed if we think you may benefit from it. 

Stephanie Meisser, LMSW                            Amrita Singh, LPMHC
Tara Gajewski, LMSW                                   Terrice Bell, LMSW
Jennifer Hickman, LCSW                             Nicole Ryga, LMSW 
Tara Johnson, LMSW                                      Michelle Mayer, LMSW
Dorothy Pierre, LMHC                                   Carla D'Alessio, LMSW  
Nicolette Capranzano, LPMHC                    Sarah Alexander, LP-MSW  
Kristen Muscarella, LPMHC                        Elizabeth Li, LP-MHC                                                

A personal message from the Executive Director:

Being a therapist requires that special quality that you cannot teach, and not all professionals have that alongside their education and experience. Even when I was an intern starting out my career, clients, clinicians and others always told me 'you just have that therapist gift that is hard to find'. I make certain that my team of therapists are personally engaging, insightful, and work with heart and soul.

I ask myself each time I invite a clinician into this practice 'Would I feel engaged as a client? Might I want to see this person or could I see clients connecting with them well? What unique quality do they offer? What presenting issues might they specialize in?' In my opinion, they have that special characteristic and I also work with them ongoing week by week which gives me a better sense of who they are over time and even more assurance to provide the best therapy.

I am able to develop a wonderful group of therapists and they help me continue to grow and see things from other perspectives as well, adding to our overall ability to provide good care. Our therapists are talented as well as personable. They are here to help and look forwards to getting to know you.

                     - Michelle Ambalu, LCSW-R    Executive Director 
Garden City Therapy PLLC
233 7th Street  Garden City, NY  11530 
516 828 2622
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Welcome. We are a team of clinical mental health therapists based in Garden City, NY providing affordable online psychotherapy and counseling aimed to improve the quality of life. We help adults with wellness and personal growth, meeting goals, coping skills, anxiety and mood disorders, stress, relational matters, grief and trauma, help adjusting to life changes and more.

Within the context of a trusting, confidential relationship between client and therapist there is an opportunity to share and explore your thoughts and feelings and have them accepted by another. This process is reparative and makes change and growth possible, allowing for a more satisfying and fuller life.

We believe that the combination of a solid therapeutic alliance, discovery, understanding, and practical advice leads to the most beneficial outcome and helps in both the short and long term. Reaching out is a big step and contacting a therapist is an accomplishment and sign of growth in itself.
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Therapists in Garden City NY counseling for anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Nassau County

Garden City Therapy is committed to your privacy. Do not include confidential or private information regarding your health condition when completing any form on this site which is for general questions to Garden City Therapy.

We are affiliated with and support the following professional organizations: The Suffolk Institute for Psychotherapy  & Psychoanalysis, Anxiety Disorders Association of America, NYS Social Work Office of the Professions, Mental Health Association of Nassau County as well as the American Psychological Association. Please visit other links to community and national mental health resources here.

We are proud to be able to expand our reach to Queens, NY as Queens Therapy Center in order to provide access to insured and more affordable as well as quality mental health care since our team and parent company, Garden City Therapy PLLC has been able to help hundreds of clients over the past years.

Counseling for adults in Long Island NY. We are committed to provider low cost, quality, mental health care by the best therapists in Long Island. Experience working at numerous mental health clinics in Long Island and Queens, we have provided counseling and psychotherapy to individuals with anxietydepressionGrief, traumaPTSDdifficulty adjusting to life changes, abandonment and trust issues, as well as personal growth and wellness. We have Masters Degrees in Social Work. Director, Michelle Ambalu, LCSW has supervised social work students learning to practice psychotherapy. Services are $80 per session. We accept most CignaEmpire BCBS, Fidelis Optum UnitedHealthcare Oxford, Community, Healthfirst, Magnacare and UMR insurance plans. We also submit claims for NYSHIP for out of network reimbursement. Fully HIPAA compliant telehealth services.

Garden City Therapy is in Nassau County of Long Island nearby Franklin Square, Floral Park, Mineola, Hempstead, New Hyde Park, Carle Place, Uniondale, Westbury, and also serves: Merrick, Hicksville, Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, Oceanside and Long Beach. Office is located close to the LIRR.
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