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          Terrice Bell
     Michelle C. Mayer           Jennifer Hickman               Carla D'Alessio 
                 LMSW                                               LCSW                                      LMSW                            Clinical Therapist                          Clinical Therapist                                Clinical Therapist    

Michelle Mayer, LMSW
         Tara Johnson               Kristen Muscarealla        Stephanie Meisser
                 LMSW                                             LP-MHC                                             LMSW
             Clinical Therapist                                Clinical Therapist                               Clinical Therapist

Dorothy Pierre, Interning MHC
Kristen Dwyer, LMSW
          Amrita Singh                       Terrice Bell                      Tara Gajewski
                 LP-MHC                                            LMSW                                                LMSW               
​           Clinical Therapist                                Clinical Therapist                                Clinical Therapist

       Dorothy Pierre             Nicolette Capranzano             Nicole Ryga                          LMHC                                               LP-MHC                                             LMSW
​            Clinical Therapist                                 Clinical Therapist                               Clinical Therapist
  Michelle Ambalu
 Executive Director &
      Practice Owner


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Garden City Therapy PLLC is committed to your privacy. Your information is confidential or private information regarding your health condition when completing any form and submitting to Garden City Therapy.

We are affiliated with and support the following professional organizations: Anxiety Disorders Association of America, NYS Social Work Office of the Professions, Mental Health Association of Nassau County as well as the American Psychological Association. Please visit other links to community and national mental health resources here.

Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counseling for adults. We are committed to providing affordable, quality, mental health care by the best therapists in Long Island. We have extensive prior experience working at numerous mental health clinics in Long Island and Queens, we have provided counseling and psychotherapy to individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, difficulty adjusting to life changes, abandonment and trust issues, as well as other areas of exploration. We have Masters Degrees in Social Work and/ or Mental Health Counseling. Executive Director, Michelle Ambalu, LCSW has supervised social work students learning to practice psychotherapy and all of out clinical staff meet weekly to engage in advanced supervision towards advanced clinical credentialing and for the purpose or best treatment practices as seen fit by the state of New York. Services are $80 per session out of pocket. We also accept most CignaEmpire BCBS, Fidelis (and Medicaid), Optum UnitedHealthcare (and Medicaid) Oxford, Community Plan Medicaid, Healthfirst (and Medicaid), Magnacare and UMR insurance plans. We also submit claims for NYSHIP for out of network reimbursement and by doing are able to match your in-network copay. Fully HIPAA compliant telehealth counseling services.
Michelle Ambalu, LCSW
Garden City Therapy PLLC
233 7th Street. STE 200  Garden City, NY 11530
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Michelle Ambalu, LCSW
Michelle Ambalu, LCSW
              Elizabeth Li
              Clinical Therapist                                
Sarah Alexander
          Clinical Therapist